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For the Greater Good

At the heart of our values is the belief that you should give wherever possible, especially when you have received. Alkaram strives to give something back to the environment that has given us the land and resources to make clothing the people of the world possible. We undertake several different means of giving back to the environment and to the community we are so deeply intertwined with.

schoolOne of the simplest ways to benefit those around you is to be responsible. At Alkaram, we take our responsibilities seriously. We try to benefit our stakeholders by improving upon their quality of life in ways that are beneficial for the development of the community and our business; a win-win situation. Trust is something that must be earned by acting responsibly. We take out considerable margins from our profits on a regular basis to engage in Corporate Social Responsibility that gives us our pride and ranks us as a benevolent and responsible corporate entity among the organizations of the world. Over the years, we have funded and invested our time and effort in various CSR projects, such as:

  • The development of numerous schools to further education in Pakistan and provide a sturdy canvas upon which the future is painted.
  • Donating to numerous health programs in order to provide the community a better quality of life.
  • Development of infrastructure in order to develop the community and propel Pakistan further toward the goal of becoming a developed nation.
  • The donation of a TCF school by one of our associates, respresenting values deeply ingrained within all that are part of Alkaram. The school in northern Pakistan was donated by Henriette Scheffer, who has worked with Alkaram for more than 25 years.
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