Energy Conservation

One of the greatest issues worldwide, and especially in Pakistan, is the efficiency of power usage. Alkaram has undertaken various methods to help Pakistan in its quest to optimize consumption of power:

  • Alkaram has incorporated recycling processes whereby heat that is normally a part of waste from contaminated water, is now being put to positive use. Instead, the heat is transferred to the fresh cold stream that's coming into the machines.
  • Alkaram has been actively working to replace all inefficient machines and processes. This has led to the successful outcome of greatly reduced energy bills, a decreased carbon footprint and superior product quality. ~ Our lighting systems are fully configured to switch on or off according to the sunlight outside, thereby ensuring no wastage of energy during the day.
  • All of Alkaram's lighting is now derived from LED light sources which provide high-luminance efficient light. They have a life span of over 50,000 operating hours.
  • Utilization of Efficiency 1 (Effl) AC motors has resulted in millions of USD being saved each year in energy costs.
  • Our air-conditioners are being converted into solar-powered AC units, which will result in energy conservation worth approximately USD 1.2 million per year.
  • In 2006, Alkaram participated in the Pakistan-German Renewable Energy Efficiency Program (REEE).
  • Our effort does not stop at the bigger steps. When small steps are taken, the smallest of efforts often add up to a lot more. Alkaram has been actively reusing wasted energy (mechanical, chemical, heat and electrical) in the simplest of areas such as air pressure created from the tuming of a small exhaust fan. Steps such as this are an exceptionally rare practice throughout the country.

schoolAlkaram understands the importance of monitoring the excess generated from its production process and the potentially harmful effect it can have on the environment. We regularly sample and test our waste water to comply with national environmental quality standards. This is done side by side with monitoring and controlling air pollution at the source and our plant is designed to comply with all discharge requirements. Alkaram has also been working on Better Management Practices Cotton Program (BMP). It entails going to the root of the entire cotton process and educating farmers. It also utilizes efficiency principles in using less water, pesticides, fertilizers & chemicals and better seeds.

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